Suzan Gannett Creations Grows in Style and Skills

Suzan Gannett is a member of Artistic Roots: Artisans' Coop located on Main Street, Plymouth, NH and Squam Lakes Artisans in Holderness, NH. She to makes her own flame work beads. She has attended workshops in Snow Farm and Is excited to be attending a workshop at Haystack this summer. These are integrated into her newest creations. She has also taken wirework lessons from noted NH craftsman, Ruth Mary Pollock. Her newest bracelets and dichroic glass pieces use the skills that she has learned. You will also find one-of-a-kind bead embroidery bracelets. Suzan uses a variety of beading techniques including Russian Spiral, Peyote, and Square Stitch in her designs. Materials used are high quality.

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